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White-Collar Crimes
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Chicago White Collar Crimes

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Chicago, IL

White-collar crimes are difficult to define. A general description is that white-collar crimes do not involve violence, are achieved by deception, and are motivated by financial gain. Common white-collar crimes include:

Penalties for white collar crimes are often severe and can result in long prison sentences and large fines. Because white collar crimes frequently involve illegitimate financial gain, restitution payments are typically required.

At Hallock Law, I use my experience as a Chicago criminal defense lawyer to effectively advocate on your behalf against charges of white collar crimes. Because I know this can be a frightening and stressful time for you, I approach your case with compassion and understanding, seeking a second chance and favorable outcome on your behalf.

Over-Criminalization of Regulatory Violations

Traditionally, white-collar crimes were the product of greed. However, white-collar crimes are increasingly the product of regulatory over-criminalization. Thousands of regulatory violations are now federal crimes. Noteworthy examples include importing orchids without the correct paperwork, shipping lobster tails in plastic bags rather than in cardboard boxes, and several thousand similar offenses.

A more sensible approach to regulating non-fraudulent business is through fines and market forces, not through the ever-expanding and often ill-conceived pursuit of criminal charges.

Contact Thomas C. Hallock if you need a skilled and committed white-collar defense attorney in Chicago. Schedule your free case evaluation now!

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