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Firearm Purchase
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How can You Buy a Firearm in Chicago?

Once you have successfully obtained your Chicago Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID), you are ready to purchase a firearm. You can go to a licensed business to choose which firearm is best suited to your needs, or you are permitted to buy from a private seller. Once you purchase your firearm, it is important that you handle it properly and that you have a concealed carry permit should you want to transport it.

If you find yourself arrested for a gun-related offense, you have the right to arm yourself with an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney. Your rights matter, and you deserve full legal justice. Thomas C. Hallock is a Chicago criminal defense attorney who will provide you with skillful, aggressive, and effective legal representation

How are Firearms Sold in Illinois?

A license is necessary for businesses to sell firearms in the state of Illinois. Anyone who comes into a firearm shop and purchases a firearm will not walk away with it immediately. There are mandatory wait times, and to avoid a legal battle, the seller must adhere to them.

Some weapons are more difficult than others to categorize. When a gun shop made mistakes with the way they define a specific gun, incorrect waiting times led to extensive legal issues. In 2019, the waiting time mandates changed. Now, all guns come with a 72-hour wait time. Typically, the clock starts after you fill out all your necessary paperwork and when your background check is submitted to the state by the seller. Because background checks expire in 30 days, a purchaser can pick up a gun in as little as three days, but no more than 29 days.

Prospective gun owners can also buy guns from a private party. When this happens, the Department of the State Police must be given notification. The seller is required to give the DSP information regarding the identity of the purchaser and they also must give their own FOID number. It is up to the DSP to approve or deny the sale.

Owning a firearm is a big responsibility. Simply having a firearm puts you at increased risk that you could be arrested and charged with unlawful use of a weapon (UUW). UUW is applicable to a vast amount of different weapons. However, UUW charges in Chicago are most commonly associated with firearms. When you are arrested and charged with UUW, you need an effective legal defense strategy. A knowledgeable Chicago firearms defense attorney will know exactly how to examine your case and formulate a strong defense that will yield you the best possible outcome.

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