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Federal Conspiracy
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How Do You Defend Against a Federal Charge in Chicago?

Federal law says that if you plan to commit a crime with a minimum of one other person, you can be charged with federal conspiracy. All you have to do to warrant the charges is to plan the crime and you will be immediately at risk of the charge. Even if you do not actually go through with the crime, federal conspiracy charges can still apply. If convicted, you may face fines on top of prison time.

When you are facing federal charges, you need the best possible defense to either reduce your charges or have them dropped. Thomas C. Hallock, a Chicago federal criminal defense attorney, has provided legal defense services to hundreds of individuals who were arrested and charged with crimes. When you work with Thomas C. Hallock, you will receive superior criminal defense services and treatment with 24/7 access; results-driven, and customized defense strategies; and individualized attention.

How Do You Win a Federal Conspiracy Case?

The first step is to connect with an experienced Illinois criminal defense lawyer who has a proven track record of success helping individuals overcome their criminal charges and get the second chance at life that they deserve. When you work with Thomas C. Hallock, your case will be completely and thoroughly investigated. This includes, but is not limited to interviewing witnesses, reviewing the crime scene if it exists, looking over any forensic evidence against you, and breaking down all aspects of the case the state has against you.

It is up to the prosecution to make a solid case against you proving that you agreed to commit a crime with others, the people you agreed to commit a crime with also agreed to the arrangement, and at least one act that took the plan from the stages of talk to action took place. For example, maybe you planned a crime with a friend and both of you agreed to the details of the act and were set to commit the crime. Then, your friend goes to the store to purchase items that will assist you in committing the crime. After you have everything, you have a change of heart and decide not to commit the crime. Despite the fact that you did not actually go through with the crime, the actions that you took planning the crime and then actually going out to act on purchasing tools for the crime can be enough to make the charges stick. Your defense strategy must make it impossible for all of these things to be proven true.

Do Not Delay in Speaking with a Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney

When you are arrested for a crime in the greater Chicago area, it is important that you exercise your right to remain silent. Then, call Thomas C. Hallock an aggressive Illinois criminal defense attorney at (312) 487-2441 for local residents or toll-free at (888) 412-3741. Thomas C. Hallock will fight to protect your rights and ensure the best possible outcome takes place in your case. Your initial consultation is free. Call Thomas C. Hallock today.

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