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RICO Charges
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What You Need to Know About RICO Charges

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations crimes, or RICO crimes, allow federal charges to be brought against individuals who were directly connected with crimes even though they may not have physically been involved in the criminal acts. The RICO Act was developed to aid the feds in their efforts to combat organized criminal activity. Through the RICO Act, the feds are able to arrest and charge high-ranking officials of organized crime for their part in ordering others to engage in criminal activity.

There are 35 different crimes that can be used in conjunction with each other that authorities have to charge an individual with RICO. Some of these crimes include:

  • Acts of terrorism
  • Bribery
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Extortion
  • Embezzlement
  • Kidnapping
  • Money laundering
  • Gambling

Before the RICO Act, it was very difficult to hold leaders of crime groups who were ordering illegal acts accountable for their part in the crimes that were committed. Not only did the RICO Act target organized crime but it also allowed the feds to go after other corrupt leaders including those from church activist organizations. Essentially, any person in a position of leadership is at risk of being arrested and charged with RICO crimes. It does not take much evidence either for RICO charges to be leveled against a person. Because the threshold is so low to charge RICO crimes, it is best advised you have the most experienced legal counsel on your side fighting against these charges.

When do Federal Prosecutors Bring RICO Charges Against Someone?

Despite the minimal amount of evidence needed to slap someone with RICO charges, only in cases where Federal prosecutors know that they have sufficient evidence for a conviction will they go the RICO route. Therefore, you must be prepared for a strong and forceful case against you that will have to be met with a creative and talented defense.

When you are brought into the police station and questioned, the only information you should provide is to those regarding your identity like your name, your birthday, your address, etc. Politely tell the officers that you want to have your legal counsel present for questions and call Thomas C. Hallock as quickly as possible to be by your side. Answering any questions without legal counsel present will jeopardize your ability to effectively fight against the charges because that information will be used against you. Until your Chicago criminal defense attorney Thomas C. Hallock arrives, do not say anything.

How can You Fight RICO Charges in Chicago?

A federal prosecutor can charge any leader of any organization with RICO, or Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, charges, and they do not need much evidence to do so. It can be a scary situation when you are facing federal charges, especially when you know you are not guilty of such crimes. The problem is that most often, a prosecutor will employ RICO charges only if they believe they have enough evidence that they will be successful in obtaining a conviction.

It is important for defendants charged with RICO crimes to understand and know that it is likely the prosecution believes they have a strong case against you and will come at you with vigor. For this reason, it is vital that you work with the best Chicago criminal legal counsel in the area who has extensive experience fighting these charges. When you work with Thomas C. Hallock, an Illinois federal criminal defense attorney, you know you will be well taken care of and treated with the highest level legal representation services available.

Thomas C. Hallock will get to work on your case immediately and have an independent investigation done to recover any and all evidence that may exist that could have the potential to absolve you of your charges. When you work with Thomas C. Hallock, you know you have the absolute best and most trusted legal counsel representing you and advocating on your behalf.

What Will a RICO Defense Look Like?

First, do not answer any questions at the police station outside of those associated with your identity. Saying anything to law enforcement will almost certainly put you at a disadvantage, and by law, you do not have to say anything without your attorney by your side. Your constitutional rights deserve to be protected, and Thomas C. Hallock will see to it that they are.

A prosecutor has the burden of proving the following is true:

  • A criminal organization exists.
  • You are clearly and directly involved with that criminal organization.
  • The crimes committed negatively affected interstate commerce.
  • You committed at least two criminal acts defined by the RICO Act that took place less than 10 years apart.
  • Conspiracy to commit crimes took place.

Thomas C. Hallock will aggressively challenge every aspect of the government’s argument against you because you are entitled to having your legal rights forcefully protected.

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Thomas C. Hallock has a reputation for helping individuals facing federal criminal charges fight them and obtain the best possible outcome. If you have been charged with RICO crimes, there is no time to waste; call (312) 487-2441 for local residents or toll-free at (888) 412-3741 to discuss your options.

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